Friday, February 15, 2008

Thing 2 Library 2.0

Being out of the library for 3 weeks doing testing was a good way to step back and think about our library and what it has to offer students. It was interesting watching students this week that came in to do research - even though I had several new books pulled on the topics, they went straight to the computers to Google what they wanted. I began wondering how I could get them to appreciate all that our library has to offer. This was a good place to be in for listening and reading the information in Thing 2. Some of the statements that excited me were:
+"The culture of the library".. should be... a "community of learners" in an "exciting, dynamic, change-oriented, successful, and positive learning environment." Maybe this kind of environment would help to stimulate some of the students to go beyond just getting a project or report done and to actually enjoy the process of learning.
+"Library 2.0 is making the library relevant to what they want and need." This is exactly what I was looking to do as I watched the students this week. I am excited at the tools I will learn and hope to implement them in a way the students want and need.
+"Key principle: Continue to examine and improve services and be willing to replace them at any time with newer and better services." Many of the things I read today started me thinking about the way things are done in our library. Hopefully it will be a better place for the students to get information and learn by the time I am done with the 23 Things.

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